The Official Launch is November 1st!

So I'm going to make this as short and sweet as possible.

As a biz owner that does video, you want your videos to look professional like a mofo...right (I know because people always ask me how I make my videos haha)?

Having a cool lower thirds in your videos or even a After Effects 3D intro is actually pretty easy to get from a place like VideoHive, but after talking with a lot of biz owners I remembered one thing...

We're control freaks!

We like knowing how all components of our business work so WE can decide whether or not to pay someone else to do them. Or if we need to change something we don't have to run out and hire a freelancer.

When it comes to After Effects you only need to know so much, if you know 10% of the basics in After Effects you can make your videos 10x more bad ass and professional.

That's what TheVideoLab is about, I created this site so that you can learn the parts of AE that actually matter for a biz owner, not how to make light sabers, or how to make blood shoot out of someones neck...actually useful things for biz owners.

Once you learn that 10% you'll be able to edit any template or create your own from scratch...and as a fellow biz owner I know how busy you I'm going to create my own templates that you can download and plug right into your videos.

If you want to become dangerously capable with After Effects and make your videos 10x more pro, come back November 1st or sign up below for a reminder.